The British Embassy calls for 2019 Fully Funded Bachelor, Masters and PhD Scholarship Applications

Application is now open for the 2019 British Embassy fully funded scholarship.

This opportunity is open to every bright student who wishes to obtain his or her Bachelor degree, Masters degree, MBA or PhD in the UK universities.

Note, this is a fully funded scholarship. This is an ample opportunity.

To apply, follow the simple instructions and guide and get going.

Your course level can either be undergraduate or post graduate programs like MBA, or PhD program.

To qualify, you must be exceptional in your academic performances and exhibit high level of leadership skills and must be ready to make good fortunes. If you are an average student, don’t hesitate to apply as well.

Other benefit from this scholarship scheme include:

  • Free visa, No tuition fee
  • Travel allowance
  • Weekly allowances
  • Family allowances (for married people)
  • Fully funded health insurance, Foreigners can also apply.

Sponsored by: British Embassy.


Stick to the instructions provided in this platform and upload the required credentials for your selected program online.

Do remember to provide a valid e-mail address as it is the medium of communication for this program.

How to apply:

1.Complete the form online.

2.Upload your transcript to the site.

3. Write a statement to declare interest for the program. This statement should also include your academic qualification and your objectives. 4. Submit the completed application with the needed documents.

Good luck.

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25 thoughts on “The British Embassy calls for 2019 Fully Funded Bachelor, Masters and PhD Scholarship Applications

  1. I am interested to apply for the Bristish Post graduate scholarship. How do i access the online form and where do I send the statement?

  2. Great thanks for such opportunity. I need more learning now I have masters degree in General public health. Now I live in Ethiopia. Do you help me.

  3. Good Day

    This seems like a really excellent opportunity, unfortunately, I can’t find the form to apply onine, please help.

  4. Im interesting to complete my masters degree in UK. I would like to humble request to this University accept application. I hope my academic qualification and english language skill should be suitable for my abroad study . I have completed bechelor degree in major english .nowadays I’m doing masters degree in same subject . Its my dream to achieve international degree .So I’m doing very hard study for success my and parent’s dream. Im one of extraordinary student. I hope my academic qualification and communication skill will be fulfill our dream. Why I interested to study abroad country beacuase there are many reasons. It is not easy work for any sutdent in foreign country. I heard in aborad education system and rules are very different than our countries education system. I learned in our course in aborad education is always focus and judge student’s classroom activity, performance and other extracurricular activity so I’m excited to completion my master and PHD in abroad . If you give me chance to this university I sware I will do best my study .

  5. I am Abukar Hassan born 24-10-1989
    Somali nationality and live in Mogadishu
    I have graduated MPH at Kampala university in though Hope University by distance learning in 2018, I have also did bachelor degree of Public Health at Salaam University – Somalia.
    I have been working with humanitarian organisations in Somalia, currently I am working with Medair international for the position of Community health and liaison officer since 2015 and I have work with INTERSOS for the position of Nutrition supervisor for three months and MSF Spain as assistant nurse from 2017 up to 2013.
    I am apply this scholarship to get high standard quality education of Master degree in order to help the poor and unreachable forgotten people who are in need of health service.

  6. My name is chisha Mwansa from Zambia, I would like to further my studies by obtaining a master’s degree in Development management. I have a degree in library and Information science and Development studies from the university of Zambia. Your positive response will be highly appreciated

  7. Dear
    I Advocate Pabel Mia
    I have completed my honours decree (LL.B) having good results. Can I Apply for LL.M programme under this scholarshi??

  8. it is verg good to take scholarship for intrrnational students i appiricate british because Education is the bridge of all civilization

  9. My niece has completed her BMLT and want to have scholar ship for further study. Is there scholarships for MMLT?

  10. Hello, i would like to inquire more about the application process and the subject related faculties. where could i access the original source?

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