Federal Government Free Fertilizer for Uzouwani Workers | Now Ongoing – Primedon

Federal Government Free Fertilizer for Uzouwani Workers

Federal Government Free Fertilizer for Uzouwani Workers | Now Ongoing – We are here to inform the farmers at Uzouwani that their yearly fertilizer offered by the Federal Government is now available online. Interested and qualified candidate(s) ought to follow us on this page as we give comprehensive steps on how to collect your own.

Federal Government Free Fertilizer for Uzouwani Workers | Now Ongoing – Primedon

Moreover, based on the information we got concerning this free fertilizer was that every farmers have to apply and register online before receiving this offer to maintain transparency in sharing. For this reasons we decided to put it in writing to avoid hard i know at last… just stay focus for more details below.


  1. You must be a farmer within the local government.
  2. You must be well  known as a full time farmer within the area.
  3. Beneficiary must have enough farm land not only for his/her household user.
  4. Eligible person should have identity as a farmer from the Uzouwani local Government, Area.

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The FEPSAN President other that members of the Association have already got put in capability at over twenty mixing plants unfold across the country to provide up to four million a lot of prime quality NPK fertiliser blends, a figure that surpasses the one.5 million tons, that the best volume ever used by Nigerian farmers.

“We square measure aware that plenty a lot of Nigerians square measure adopting agriculture as a business, particularly in response to the Federal Government’s drive for food security. FEPSAN, in heeding the jingoistic involve food security has placed itself during a position to make sure Nigerian farmers have all the simplest quality fertiliser the requirement. This conjointly places North American nation during a sturdy position to export to alternative countries in West and Central African Republic, particularly since we’ve got capability to provide over what Nigerian farmers can would like within the predictable future,” Mr. Etuh continuing.

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He aforementioned government has done the proper issue as a result of no economy that wishes to grow ought to encourage the importation of what it’s capability to provide and at reasonable costs.

He reminded Nigerians that through the combined efforts of the centralized, the financial organisation of African country, the Nigerian Sovereign Wealth Fund and FEPSAN, the country had been saving the maximum amount as N60 billion annually within the subsidies so much|thus far|up to currently|heretofore|as yet|yet|til now|until now} bought fertiliser imports whereas farmers now get the agro input around the year and at costs far under what was gettable,even throughout the grant regime.

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